Manual Chopper

This compact yet powerful chopper allows you to precisely chop fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds.

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Insulated Jug

The Vacuum Insulated Jug is built to keep your beverage hot or cool for 12 hours. It comes with the option of 2 lids that makes pouring completely hassle- free.

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Premium Chopping Boards

High quality chopping board made of 100% premium food grade and durable plastic board. Comes in a variety of textured finishes.

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Food Processor

This food processor comes with specialized attachments that allow you to break down and process various ingredients in a matter of seconds.

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Storage Containers

A set of containers with silicone lids to ensure sealed storage of your ingredients. Available in 2 sizes: 600ml & 900ml.

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Vaccum Flasks & Water Bottles

Range of insulated water bottles and flasks that retain heat or cold for 12 hours , built for excellent vacuum retention and comes in a variety of appealing colours and finishes.

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Multi Grater

The multi grater can be used for slicing, grating, mincing, chopping your favourite fruits and vegetables. Includes a set of 4 long lasting stainless steel blades specialized for each function.

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Yogurt Containers

Made from high-quality food grade plastic , this yogurt container is manufactured to be portable for daily use. Air tight lid keeps the contents fresh for longer. Compact & durable build withstands accidental drops and knocks.

product 7

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